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Liz Grossman is an American entrepreneur, educator and communications specialist with over 12 years of experience living and working across Africa.  Collaborating with some of Africa’s most powerful leaders in politics, development, education and business, Liz forges strategic partnerships to drive resources to influencers across Africa. An expert in women’s leadership, education, development policy and communications holding a Masters in International Education Policy from Harvard, Liz is renowned for her ability to convene powerful communities and provide people with tools to build bridges and collaborate.


Liz spent three years in the classroom at an International Baccalaureate school in Dakar, Senegal — the city that quickly became her second home. Her passion for teaching inspired her to earn her master’s in International Education Policy from Harvard. This experience springboarded her into roles consulting with governments and UN agencies, and landed her a leadership role focusing on communications and innovative business development at the African development NGO Tostan.

After years of working with people from across Africa, she realized the key to success in any global venture is intercultural collaboration. She co-founded Baobab Consulting in April 2016 to provide solutions to world leaders, companies, nonprofits and academic institutions to share their successes, build partnerships and learn from others. The company, which works remotely from four North American cities and four African cities, has consulted for powerhouse clients such as Dr. Joyce Banda, Ashoka Africa, SOCAP, and others.  


Liz is a sought-after speaker, having presented at major universities (Harvard, MIT, Georgetown, NYU), and conferences (CIES, SOCAP, United Nations General Assembly). Liz is a founding member of the African Women Leaders Network, sitting on the Young Women Leaders Caucus. She is a mentor for the Resolution Project and volunteers for the African Leadership Academy.


She's now based in New York City, but after so many years living in Africa, Liz is known for rocking colorful wax prints, finding the city's best places to eat fufu and dancing Afrobeats.

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